Hello Friend!

I am so glad that you have decided to join me in the pursuit of wisdom for our lives through reading The Life Warrior daily devotional!  I want you to know that I truly desire for you to gain the wisdom needed to life your life well.  I also want you to know that I am praying for each person who reads this and believe that you will benefit as you do; not from reading my thoughts, but from daily reading and responding to God’s Word.

A little about me:  I am first of all a Christ-follower, as well as a wife, mother and grandmother.  I was fortunate enough to have been raised in a Christian family with parents and grandparents who prayerfully sought wisdom for their lives through following Christ.  I also have spent many years working in the church environment on the administrative side of things as well as volunteered for my local church in several different capacities.  My passion has been to study God’s Word and out of those studies, which have included classes taken through a local Bible College as well as a multitude of group and individual bible studies, the desire to communicate some of the truths learned through this devotional study came about.

I look forward to hearing back from you as you take this journey with me through the book of Proverbs.  It would be my hope that you have found yourself to have gained in wisdom and have seen the good results of doing so manifested in your life!