July31Good Morning Friend!  Today marks the end of another year’s worth of reading daily in the book of Proverbs! If you have stuck with our devotions on wisdom through this year, you are to be congratulated and it has been my prayer that those reading it would gain insight and revelation for their lives through this discipline.  God has a way of specifically highlighting those things that we need for each day as we read through his word. I want to remind you as well of the “Just a Thought” page which contains each day’s devotion in an abbreviated form.  Perhaps you may have read through the entire year and you just want to stop by and read a quick refresher or perhaps you are new to this devotional and want to read along, yet you feel that you do not have the necessary time to read the full post each day.  “Just a Thought” is for you!

Today, we are reading through Proverbs, chapter 31 and it is definitely fitting that we end this year with the chapter that gives an overview of the life of a woman who incorporated wisdom so well.  She stands out as an example for each of us, whether man or woman, in the principles that she lived out.  She obviously was a hard worker, incorporating diligence, kindness, compassion, shrewdness in business, avoidance of foolishness and many other qualities that made her a great example of wisdom, as well as an accomplished leader, wife and mother.  Wisdom gained was not allowed to stay on the level of mental knowledge alone in her life and it shouldn’t be in ours either!

As I read through this chapter this morning, it was hard to pick just one verse to focus on for the day!  Verses 10-12 express the value of and the outcome of wisdom incorporated when they say, “Who can find a virtuous and capable wife?  She is more precious than rubies.  Her husband can trust her, and she will greatly enrich his life.  She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.”  Whether a man or a woman, a husband or a wife, a single person, a child, a widow or widower, knowing that our lives add value to someone else’s life is to be admired and emulated.  Being able to say that others trust us and that we bring them good, enriching their lives is a great compliment and one to be desired!

However, my verse today is going to be verse 27, which says, “She carefully watches everything in her household and suffers nothing from laziness.

Isn’t it easy to let laziness slip in at times, Friend?  I can remember as a parent that occasionally when my husband and I would set rules for our children, we would be very diligent with them at the beginning, but over time would begin to relax those rules, as exceptions were at first made in only “special” cases.  Yet those “special” cases could then became more and more frequent.  A bedtime missed because we had been to a friend’s house one weekend evening could easily turn into the missing of bedtimes for the kids every weekend as plans tended to come up every weekend.  Before we knew it, there were excuses for later bedtimes during the week and following that we could easily begin to see grumpy kids who didn’t want to go to school in the mornings.  A re-evaluation would occur and we’d have to get back on track with the rules which kept our kids healthy and in good moods for school and also for their days in general!  Would I have called us lazy parents?  By no means, but the point is that sometimes there is a certain level of laziness that can creep in without notice if we are not diligent to make ourselves aware of it and determined to do something about it when noticed.

Have you set aside time for some prayerful self- evaluation, Friend for any areas in which laziness has slipped in?  Whether it is laziness in allowing an attitude to slip into our hearts and minds that shouldn’t be there, or in allowing complaints to come out of our mouths, or in something else, being determined to make necessary changes is the key to prayerful self-evaluation being worthwhile and productive.  God will be faithful to show us those areas when we ask Him to and He also promises to give us the strength to tackle them when we go to Him with our need.

My Response Today:  Heavenly Father, I thank you this morning for the reminder that laziness is not the wisest way to live!  I ask that You would show me any area in which I have allowed laziness to creep in, whether in actions, attitude or in words.  I also ask for Your help in getting that area back on track, forsaking laziness today.

Friend, just a reminder not to forget that there are some free downloads available on the “Resources” page.  Hopefully, you will find items there which will be of benefit to you also as you have your daily devotional time, seeking the wisdom for life that God’s Word contains for each one of us.