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Daily Devotions from Proverbs Sticky Post

Hello Friend!  I am so thankful that you have joined me here today!  If you have found your way to this site, I am assuming that you are interested in reading through and studying the book of Proverbs!  You will find an entire year of daily devotions from the book of Proverbs here, along with abbreviated versions for each day on the “Just A JustAThoughtThought” page.  Please pick the corresponding month and day (you can access these by clicking on the small white square with the lines in it above and to the left and then scroll down the sidebar to “archive”) to the date that you are reading this on and feel free to begin!  Additionally, you will find the most recent posts by scrolling down below.

A wise teacher once told their class, of which I was a part, that a great way to start each and every day was to read the corresponding chapter in the book of Proverbs to that date, thereby gaining much needed wisdom for the day before it begins!  Through the writing of the devotions here on The Life Warrior, I have attempted to share my love of the book of Proverbs which was gained by following through on that wise advice and also to give a blueprint for the reader to follow in personalizing what is read.Resources

Please also check out the “Resources” page where I hope that you will find some helpful downloadable resources, including memory cards on the Attributes of God, the Attributes of the Holy Spirit, the Names of God and more.

It is my prayer that you will gain much in the way of wisdom for your life through reading the book of Proverbs and by extension develop the habit of seeking wisdom through reading the bible daily if you do not already do so.

Prayers and blessings,


True Wisdom- @Job

Good Morning Friend! It’s early this morning and still dark as I write this from my office at home where I am taking some time for reading my bible and prayer before going about my day. As I sat down to begin, my eyes fell on some notes that I had taken from a recent sermon by Pastor Josh Gard, at Beaver (Oregon) Community Church. (Listen to his sermon here) He has been going through the book of Job with his congregation. I know, I know… you may be thinking, “Job”- really? Or you might be asking, “Who would want to go through the book of Job in an in-depth way and what can we learn from it, besides depressing ourselves as we contemplate the possibility of having combined disasters happen in our own lives in the same way that Job did?”

It turns out that there are multiple non-depressive things to learn from this book! This particular sermon was entitled “True Wisdom”, which is what caused me to want to share some of the truths gleaned from it here on The Life Warrior today. In chapter 28 of the book of Job, the author begins by pointing out that humans are daring and creative in their pursuit of wealth. Yet despite human’s prowess at seeking and obtaining wealth, they are not the originator and giver of true wisdom.

“But do people know where to find wisdom? Where can they find understanding?” Job 28:12

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Guarding Against Laziness

July31Good Morning Friend!  Today marks the end of another year’s worth of reading daily in the book of Proverbs! If you have stuck with our devotions on wisdom through this year, you are to be congratulated and it has been my prayer that those reading it would gain insight and revelation for their lives through this discipline.  God has a way of specifically highlighting those things that we need for each day as we read through his word. I want to remind you as well of the “Just a Thought” page which contains each day’s devotion in an abbreviated form.  Perhaps you may have read through the entire year and you just want to stop by and read a quick refresher or perhaps you are new to this devotional and want to read along, yet you feel that you do not have the necessary time to read the full post each day.  “Just a Thought” is for you!

Today, we are reading through Proverbs, chapter 31 and it is definitely fitting that we end this year with the chapter that gives an overview of the life of a woman who incorporated wisdom so well.  She stands out as an example for each of us, whether man or woman, in the principles that she lived out.  She obviously was a hard worker, incorporating diligence, kindness, compassion, shrewdness in business, avoidance of foolishness and many other qualities that made her a great example of wisdom, as well as an accomplished leader, wife and mother.  Wisdom gained was not allowed to stay on the level of mental knowledge alone in her life and it shouldn’t be in ours either!

As I read through this chapter this morning, it was hard to pick just one verse to focus on for the day!  Verses 10-12 express the value of and the outcome of wisdom incorporated when they say, “Who can find a virtuous and capable wife?  She is more precious than rubies.  Her husband can trust her, and she will greatly enrich his life.  She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.”  Whether a man or a woman, a husband or a wife, a single person, a child, a widow or widower, knowing that our lives add value to someone else’s life is to be admired and emulated.  Being able to say that others trust us and that we bring them good, enriching their lives is a great compliment and one to be desired!

However, my verse today is going to be verse 27, which says, “She carefully watches everything in her household and suffers nothing from laziness.

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Receiving Mercy

July28.2Good Morning, Friend!  We are nearing the end of the month and have read through the book of Proverbs yet again.  There is always a certain satisfaction in a goal reached, an objective accomplished and so it is nice to come to the point of again ending our month with the knowledge that we have been diligent to seek wisdom throughout it.

Chapter 28 is our chapter to read today and verse 13 tells us that “People who conceal their sins will not prosper, but if they confess and turn from them, they will receive mercy.”

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Planning for Tomorrow

July27Good Morning Friend!  We live in a day and age when there are so many choices of what to do with our time and time often becomes the commodity that is struggled over in our lives.  How many of us have a full time job, are involved with our families, have churches as well as other organizations we are members of, and have hobbies that we are pursuing.  We may be sports aficionados or we may be passionate about one or more of the many avenues for fitness.  How do we fit it all in?  We may feel that everything we are involved in is very much worthwhile and each area is bringing some sort of satisfaction to our lives in some way.  Yet… at what cost?  A doctor recently told me that she sees an average of 2-3 people each and every day who come to her with issues relating to extreme fatigue.  Instead of admitting that the human body has limits, as a culture we want to take more vitamins, eat foods that promote energy and somehow increase our capacity to do more.  Would you not agree that sometimes it can be harder to admit our limits and to seek to live with a greater degree of peacefulness and thankfulness within them than to pursue each and every thing that we desire to accomplish and may even know that we have a talent or predisposition for?

Today, we are reading through Proverbs, chapter 27, looking for that wisdom that God has imparted through His Word, knowing that as He created us, He also knows and cares about what is best for our lives.

Don’t brag about tomorrow, since you don’t know what the day will bring.”  (verse 1)

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Feeling Overlooked and Undervalued?

July25As I read through Proverbs, chapter 25 this morning, Friend, the verses that stand out are verses 6-7, which say, “Don’t demand an audience with the king or push for a place among the great.  It’s better to wait for an invitation to the head table than to be sent away in public disgrace.”  Isn’t this so like us?  Perhaps not necessarily that we all push to the front of the line or to the front of an audience, etc., just to get noticed, but isn’t there an inner impatience often times within us in which we would like to have our perceived strengths and/or potential to be noticed?

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Listening Carefully…

Hello Friend!  I haJuly23ve been going through a bible study recently by Beth Moore called “Sacred Secrets”.  In it she gives the following as a standard to go by for the levels of intimacy we have with others who we come in contact with throughout our daily lives:  “Authenticity with all, Transparency with most, Intimacy with some”.  This struck me as such a wise standard to keep in mind as it was read.  Transparency with all is unwise as we must discern who can be trusted, not only for our own sake, but for the sake of those who may be hurt by an unscrupulous person with some types of knowledge, yet at the same time, transparency is to be sought after through living a life that is open, honest and full of integrity.  Emotional intimacy is not to be sought after with everyone we meet as we are not designed to have intimate friendships where we share those deeper thoughts and emotions with everyone.  Yet at the same time, we are designed to need a certain amount of intimacy with a few, and are not designed to be complete loners (despite the protestations that some might make to this thought!).

Reading this brought to mind the example that Jesus set throughout his lifetime of relationships.  He had one friend whom He was closest to and that was the Apostle John.  He then had a circle of three with whom He spent time sharing a depth of friendship not found in other relationships.  He had the group of 12 with whom He not only shared his life, but mentored and led in a very personal way.  Then there was the larger crowd of followers who were around Him, but with whom He was not as personally and intimately involved with.  Someone compared this to our need for one who will be our closest friend (hopefully this is your spouse if you are married), a circle of three who will be those in whom you confide and are emotionally open to, a larger group with whom you will share your life and have influence with, and then the crowd of acquaintances who your life will touch and where their lives will also touch yours, but not to the depth of the first three types of friendships.  At every level, there should be authenticity, which can sometimes be a challenge, but as we see it in the recorded life of Jesus, we know it should be sought after for ourselves as well.

Today we are reading through Proverbs, chapter 23 in search of the wisdom with which we will tackle this day!

Commit yourself to instruction; listen carefully to words of knowledge.” (verse 12)

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The Right Words Bring Satisfaction

July18Hello, Friend!  Have you ever found yourself desperately wanting a certain thing or maybe a certain situation to come in to being, hoping and wishing for it and even praying for it and then at long last, you are able to own the thing you had wanted or be in the situation desired and you suddenly realize that it’s not all that you anticipated it to be?  I think that most of us have experienced this at one time or another.  Perhaps you’ve been a parent of small children and find yourself waiting for the day that they are grown and then when they are grown, their sweet hugs and childish voices are now desperately missed!  Perhaps you’ve been the one who couldn’t wait to get out of school and on your own, yet when that time came, you had to come to grips with the realities of work life and school now seems to have been relatively care-free.  The habit of thankfulness for each and every thing we are experiencing today and the art of truly living in the present are the sought-after antidotes to this very real possibility.  At times, I have even heard people wish for the days when they were not so financially well off as they are perceived as having been simpler and less complicated, yet if the truth were to come out, those same people probably were wishing for more during that time!

Proverbs, chapter 18 is our chapter to read through today.  As I prayerfully read through this chapter today, praying the words from Psalms 119:18, “Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in your instructions.”, this is the verse that caught my attention:

Wise words satisfy like a good meal; the right words bring satisfaction.” (verse 20)

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Judging With Fairness

July16Hello, Friend!  As I turn on my computer in the mornings, the news comes up on my screen and I typically quickly scroll through the headlines to see what has happened in the world over night.  It has become more and more noticeable however that the news service that I am checking only gives information on about three (if that many) actual news stories out of the 12 or more that are featured as headlines.  The rest of the headlines are focused on what certain sports teams are doing, or on what celebrity has had their teeth whitened or their hair cut or even what they looked like in junior high.  It has caused me to wonder if the American public would even know if a newsworthy event occurred anywhere in the world or not as our news services seem to mainly fuel the obsession there seems to be with knowing more and more about the rich and famous.  Why do they garner our attention so much?  Could it be because many of them were once just ordinary folk, like the rest of us?  We see the possibility of being in their shoes as attainable (albeit remotely)?  We mentally put ourselves in their shoes, thinking of what would we might do in their position?  Would we cut our hair, go out with this person or that one, buy this house or drive that car?  It is also interesting to me to think that the writer of the majority of the book of Proverbs was wealthy beyond what most of these celebrities can even imagine and was of worldwide renown, hosting visiting monarchs who had come to see his greatness and the greatness of his kingdom.  Yet, the wisdom that he imparts to us through this book is very down-to-earth and practical, full of integrity and character, and based on knowing, loving, and following what God values and what He rejects.

Proverbs, chapter 16 is the chapter that we are reading through today and verse 10 stands out as it says, “The king speaks with divine wisdom; he must never judge unfairly.”

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Hungering for Knowledge

July15Good Morning Friend and Fellow Life Warrior!  There was a time in the past where we had been sending packages to one of our sons who was serving in the military oversees, and subsequently received an email from him regarding those packages.  When he was first deployed, he had asked that we send him some homemade cookies and treats that he wasn’t able to find where he’s at, but in his email he asked that we cut back on sending those things.  He let us know that although he’s been sharing them and his platoon had been happy to see him getting our packages for that reason, he felt that his self-control in that area was suffering and he would like to remove the temptation.  Part of the problem was caused by multiple relatives sending him packages so that he was faced with overwhelming temptation, not just the occasional temptation.  The other part of the problem was that he has always had a sweet tooth (wonder where he got that from???) and resisting sweets has been a weakness.  Isn’t this typical of the temptations we all face, Friend?  Sometimes they can be overwhelming and the sheer amount of exposure to a particular temptation can be a problem and yet at other times, it is our own weaknesses that make us vulnerable.  Are there areas where you need to remove yourself from temptation today?  From food, from certain people, from some types of conversation, from opportunities to spend too much money, even from situations where one can give in to certain emotions or thought processes?  I am sure you can think of others…

Today, we are reading through Proverbs, chapter 15 in search of that wisdom we need to live our lives well.

A wise person is hungry for knowledge, while the fool feeds on trash.” (Verse 14)

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